Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Health And Beauty: Learn about the Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a disease in which a group of cells start to grow uncontrollably. Cancer cells invade and infect the cells in adjacent tissues and sometimes spread inside the body using lymph or blood. Most of the cancers form tumor except in case of leukemia. The cancer tumors are different from the benign tumors. The benign tumors do not invade or spread through the body. Oncology is the branch of medical science that deals with study, diagnosis and cure of Cancer.

The Cancer can happen at any age. However, the risk factor of having cancer increases with the age. Cancer is caused due to improper changes in the genetic material of the transformed cells. The abnormalities in the genetic material occur due to radiation, Tobacco smoke, chemicals and infectious agents. The other two reasons are; error in DNA replication and hereditary. Cancer is a disease known to men from the ancient time. The cure for Cancer has always remained elusive. However, in the modern times, with host of technically advanced treatment methods, the medical fraternity has achieved to cure a few of the cancers and prolong the patient life for most of the Cancer ailments.

The in depth knowledge of metastasis or the process of Cancer spreading in the body has helped the doctors chalk out plans to restrict the infected Cancer cells. The lumpectomy or removal of the cancer infected tumor is carried out initially. Once the majority of the Cancerous cells are removed from the body; radiation therapy and chemotherapy are used to restrict the spread of Cancer cells and to kill those few remaining after the operation.

The modern day medical science employs various types of Cancer treatments. The Cryosurgery is used to treat prostate cancer by freezing the cells with metal probe. The hormone therapy is one popular method to fight against cancer. Molecular Targeted Drugs are used to stop the growth and spread of Cancer. It is a cancer treatment process in which these drugs interact with the cancer cells and destroy them. The Photo dynamic therapy of cancer is a modern cancer treatment procedure. In this case, special type of drug and light is used to destroy the cancer cells. These drugs are light sensitive and produces a form of oxygen when interact with light. This oxygen kills the cancer cells and stops cancer from spreading.

The human immune system has the capacity to fight Cancer and to minimize the side effects. The Biological therapy utilizes this property of the immune system to minimize cancer cell growth, to kill the cancer cells and to prevent the cancer cells from spreading.

Chemotherapy is the widely used Cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is used to kill Cancer cells using cytotoxic drugs. The cytotoxic drugs affect rapidly dividing cells, the signature of Cancerous cells. The combination chemotherapy uses two or more drugs simultaneously for the treatment.

The technical advancement and knowledge of modern biology are changing the process of Cancer treatment. Angiogenesis, Signal Transduction and Genetic therapy are the new and evolving processes of Cancer treatment.

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