Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Health And Beauty: The importance of children special health care

Children with chronic physical, mental or developmental problems; require children special health care services. The detection of medical disabilities in the earlier stages of the child ensures proper medical attention and a healthier life in the future. A new born baby should be screened as soon as possible for any type of medical disabilities.

Children with a complex medical condition require professional nursing services. The nursing services can be arranged at home. It is called the Pediatric Home Health Care. This service enables the parents to go out for job, business or studies; leaving the child in good care of the skilled nurse. The pediatric nurses have to serve the child, dependent on a ventilator for breathing, or a child who depends on a gastric tube for feeding. The nurses should be qualified to provide the required medical services to the children. The pediatric home care doesn’t only help in the basic survival of the child, but also strive to enhance the development of the child. The pediatric home care agencies are guided by the federal and the state law. The agency and the nurses have to meet certain conditions and qualifications to be able to provide these services. This ensures safe and skilled services for the child.

The parent has an influential role to play in the development of his or her child. The parents should not compare their child with others and should appreciate what the child does. Quality time should be spent with the medically fragile child in laughter and joy. The parents should learn and arrange support for the children; from people who wish to help and understand the child. It is the presence of the loving parents and friends that elevate the child’s medical condition.

The emergency health care plan for this type of medically fragile children should be meticulously planned out. The emergency health care services are jeopardized due to lack of information about the child. The data about the child should be maintained in a format that helps the hospital to cater to the child’s need efficiently. The data summary should be updated regularly. The summary should be always available with the child. A universally accepted standardized form should be maintained by the parents, care givers and the health care professionals. The copy of the summary should be kept with the school, home, physician and any such places where the child regularly spends time.

The data summary should include the patient’s name, date of birth, the date when the summary was last updated, weight of the child, guardian’s name, guardian’s contact numbers, the doctor’s contact number, description of the medical disorder, immunization history, prescribed medications and the medical or food allergies. This summary should be kept at an easy to reach place and should be accessible all the time.

The medical support staffs are needed for the children special health care, but, the most effective care is rendered by the parents through their understanding and love for the child.

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