Tuesday, May 3, 2011

7 Men’s Skin Care Tips 2011

Author: Rahim Jiwani
My buddy A is only 25 and has lines and a weather-beaten appearance because his job is high stress. He’s a top-notch, cutting-edge GPS engineer. Every morning he washes his face with plain soap and water.
He thinks that his men’s skin care strategy is great because he’s washing his face everyday. Let me share my secrets with you so you’re not misled.
At our company we believe anything that’s going to aesthetically and/or permanently enhance your look should be part of your grooming strategy…And men’s grooming can’t be complete without proper men’s skin care and men’s face care.
If you’re using plain soap and water daily…Or not even using soap…or maybe you’re just using body-wash in the shower, this article is going to open your eyes and get you that “men look” you’ve been dying for…The look that attracts everlasting attention.
These 7 men’s skin care and men’s face care secrets are going to propel your looks to the stratosphere. They’ll have you looking younger for decades to come…
1. Get rid of soap and water. Men’s skin care requires heavy-duty cleaning to put it plain and simple. Our skin attracts a lot of dirt because our pores are larger. And men’s skin is “sticky”
Dirt, oil and particles stick to a man’s face much firmer than with a woman’s. Soap and water doesn’t cut it when it comes to cleaning your skin.
2. Use a vitamin E rich moisturizer. Vitamin E protects against wrinkles and lines. It’s a vital anti-aging ingredient for your skin and an essential for men’s face care.
3. Take care of your eyes. Fine lines and wrinkles first appear under your eyes. For men’s face care it’s vital to have great eyes. A man’s eyes are very important for attractive looks…We really don’t have much else.
Wash your eyes out with water 5 times a day to rid the appearance of tiredness. By having your eyes moisturized well, they won’t be stressed and strained, keeping the skin around your eyes healthy and young.
4. Go all-natural. Men’s skin care requires a body-wash with a loofa (body-wash sponge). A bar of soap won’t do…You need to use the body wash sponge and scrub. Get an all-natural body wash. I really like Dial or Organics brand body-wash.
5. Hydrate regularly throughout the day. Hydrating will ensure your skin is properly and naturally moisturized. If you’re not hydrating regularly, just try it. In 2 weeks you’ll notice immense results in your skin complexion and health. Top-notch men’s skin care requires a lot of hydration.
6. Exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating means to remove dead skin to unclog pores and reveal a new layer of skin. Men’s face care relies on exfoliation. Exfoliating is so important because we don’t wear makeup – you just gotta do it. Maintain your skin and have it looking fresh and clean by exfoliating at 3 times per week.
Great men’s skin care requires a face scrub. Not soap and water. I use Nivea Face Scrub. It contains little beads in it that do heavy-duty work on your face.
7. Men’s skin care can’t be complete without this key element. As always, we save the best for last…
Get a facial. Some men are reluctant to do this. I assure you, it’s quite normal. At all men’s spas and even general spas, men’s facials are normal exercises.
Getting a facial will get you results right away. You instantly look better. This is ultimate for men’s skin care and men’s face care. A facial is so key.
Independent tests we’ve done show that with a facial every 2 weeks, you won’t be looking older then 30.
And guess what? My buddy A has no more lines on his face or a weather-beaten appearance.
If you work in a high stress environment, outside, or you’re a student, I highly recommend exfoliating your skin regularly. It’s essential for men’s face care and men’s skin care. Go for a facial once a month. Be consistent. It’s fun, enjoyable, a great stress reliever (which is also great for men’s skin care and men’s face care) and will have you looking years younger…And keeping that youth appearance in your skin.
The great thing here is that good facials have natural exfoliating ingredients. That means you don’t have to spend $100′s of dollars at the spa.
It’s really easy to create your own facial paste with organic properties that’ll rejuvenate your skin. These types of facials have literally unlocked the fountain of youth…
Natural ingredients contain a ton of antioxidants that protect against free radical damage. The key to keeping youthful looking skin and protecting yourself from skin diseases.
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