Saturday, June 11, 2011

Skin care in summer

Author: Alex Rador
Summers are here again with skin ailments like tanning, dehydration, pimples and blemishes. This season demands special skin care. Be ready to fight the heat by following a few skin care tips so that you will look as beautiful as you were and your skin will be soft as well as nourished. Firstly, keep your skin hydrated by using honey, milk cream and yoghurt. Apply this daily for twenty minutes and then use the scrub made of flour. You can also use scented lotions if you wish to. Do it just after the shower so that your skin absorbs the moisture.
Secondly, you should cleanse your skin by using cold raw milk. After that use rose water as toner. You can apply this before going to bed for proper skin care. Tanning is the most common skin problem. The best way to lessen tanning is to apply tomatoes and honey. This will work as natural bleach for your skin. All this will take hardly a few minutes of yours before going to bed and you can have your skin care routine. There are some more home made recipes for skin care. For making bleach, take four tsp milk and two tsp lemon juice. Mix and apply on the skin for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash it with cold water. For making cleanser, take yoghurt, honey and lemon juice. Mix and massage for three minutes. Wash with cold water. It is very important to exfoliate your body as our skin cells are damaged every single minute which results in blocking of pores with dull, rough and wrinkled skin.
For glowing skin, you have to exfoliate at least two to three times a week. For making exfoliating scrub, take oatmeal and baking soda in equal quantities. Make a paste by using water. Rub it in circular motions all over the body and wash thoroughly. You can also take gram flour, lemon juice, mint leaves, curd and grated carrot. Mix it well and make a paste. Apply in circular motions to clean the dirt. If your skin is looking dull, don’t worry. Here is the remedy. Take pulp of pineapple and papaya, grape seed oil and turmeric. Mix and apply for twenty minutes. Rinse with cold water. You will find your skin fresh and soft along with a cooling effect like never before. Do not leave your feet. Use a foot scrub to remove the dead skin so that your feet will look nice in sandals.
File your nails and apply a bright nail polish on toe nails as compared to finger nails. Do not forget to use sunscreen whenever you go out. Apply it again after every two hours to ensure happy safe sun.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

7 Men’s Skin Care Tips 2011

Author: Rahim Jiwani
My buddy A is only 25 and has lines and a weather-beaten appearance because his job is high stress. He’s a top-notch, cutting-edge GPS engineer. Every morning he washes his face with plain soap and water.
He thinks that his men’s skin care strategy is great because he’s washing his face everyday. Let me share my secrets with you so you’re not misled.
At our company we believe anything that’s going to aesthetically and/or permanently enhance your look should be part of your grooming strategy…And men’s grooming can’t be complete without proper men’s skin care and men’s face care.
If you’re using plain soap and water daily…Or not even using soap…or maybe you’re just using body-wash in the shower, this article is going to open your eyes and get you that “men look” you’ve been dying for…The look that attracts everlasting attention.
These 7 men’s skin care and men’s face care secrets are going to propel your looks to the stratosphere. They’ll have you looking younger for decades to come…
1. Get rid of soap and water. Men’s skin care requires heavy-duty cleaning to put it plain and simple. Our skin attracts a lot of dirt because our pores are larger. And men’s skin is “sticky”
Dirt, oil and particles stick to a man’s face much firmer than with a woman’s. Soap and water doesn’t cut it when it comes to cleaning your skin.
2. Use a vitamin E rich moisturizer. Vitamin E protects against wrinkles and lines. It’s a vital anti-aging ingredient for your skin and an essential for men’s face care.
3. Take care of your eyes. Fine lines and wrinkles first appear under your eyes. For men’s face care it’s vital to have great eyes. A man’s eyes are very important for attractive looks…We really don’t have much else.
Wash your eyes out with water 5 times a day to rid the appearance of tiredness. By having your eyes moisturized well, they won’t be stressed and strained, keeping the skin around your eyes healthy and young.
4. Go all-natural. Men’s skin care requires a body-wash with a loofa (body-wash sponge). A bar of soap won’t do…You need to use the body wash sponge and scrub. Get an all-natural body wash. I really like Dial or Organics brand body-wash.
5. Hydrate regularly throughout the day. Hydrating will ensure your skin is properly and naturally moisturized. If you’re not hydrating regularly, just try it. In 2 weeks you’ll notice immense results in your skin complexion and health. Top-notch men’s skin care requires a lot of hydration.
6. Exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating means to remove dead skin to unclog pores and reveal a new layer of skin. Men’s face care relies on exfoliation. Exfoliating is so important because we don’t wear makeup – you just gotta do it. Maintain your skin and have it looking fresh and clean by exfoliating at 3 times per week.
Great men’s skin care requires a face scrub. Not soap and water. I use Nivea Face Scrub. It contains little beads in it that do heavy-duty work on your face.
7. Men’s skin care can’t be complete without this key element. As always, we save the best for last…
Get a facial. Some men are reluctant to do this. I assure you, it’s quite normal. At all men’s spas and even general spas, men’s facials are normal exercises.
Getting a facial will get you results right away. You instantly look better. This is ultimate for men’s skin care and men’s face care. A facial is so key.
Independent tests we’ve done show that with a facial every 2 weeks, you won’t be looking older then 30.
And guess what? My buddy A has no more lines on his face or a weather-beaten appearance.
If you work in a high stress environment, outside, or you’re a student, I highly recommend exfoliating your skin regularly. It’s essential for men’s face care and men’s skin care. Go for a facial once a month. Be consistent. It’s fun, enjoyable, a great stress reliever (which is also great for men’s skin care and men’s face care) and will have you looking years younger…And keeping that youth appearance in your skin.
The great thing here is that good facials have natural exfoliating ingredients. That means you don’t have to spend $100′s of dollars at the spa.
It’s really easy to create your own facial paste with organic properties that’ll rejuvenate your skin. These types of facials have literally unlocked the fountain of youth…
Natural ingredients contain a ton of antioxidants that protect against free radical damage. The key to keeping youthful looking skin and protecting yourself from skin diseases.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sound of Health and Healing

Health care settings, and the human voice, medical professionals, patients and visitors, and (with many of the alarm beeping), medical equipment, and systems review, and heliports, and air conditioning, plumbing, lift the building systems, such as many sources, and challenges to provide voice and patients, staff and visitors to create barriers between the health facility.

Evidence suggests that sound levels, as well as other sources are increasing in the past few decades. A recent study of multiple data defining the spread of hospital noise levels shows that the average equivalent sound levels1 72 dBA2 db to 57 days between 1960 and 2005 increased, and levels at night time period 42-60 db rose. Of that, 15 decibels3 growth during daylight hours and night hours during the 18 db represents. 10 db dual and often self-growth is cited as shining. Thus, it can reasonably be said that sound levels at least twice (and nearly four times the levels in the last 45 years than at night. Volume increase in patients, staff and visitors a clear negative implications for health care produce.

People from the harmful effects of noise are very complex and express themselves, on both behavioral and medical indicators. The noise of the harmful consequences of health care interventions in communication, and lack of performance problems, and sleep disturbance, and psychological and physical consequences involved.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A New Solution That Stops Snoring and Lets You Sleep

Snoring is a common problem that often leads to embarrassing and uncomfortable situation. Various factors can result in snoring and one must find out ways to prevent it.
Snoring is a very common problem among men and women that can lead some really embarrassing situations. The most direct effect of snoring is cast on your health. It primarily ruins your sleep and of the other’s around you. People suffering from snoring often avoid spending nights with friends or partners in fear that their snoring habit would take a toll on their social and personal life. If, you have recently or long developed snoring and are scared to sleeping public places like planes, campsite, overnight slumber parties or sleep over, then, you are in dire need of a snoring solution that will work certainly.
While snoring is more common among smokers and drug addicts, people leading a healthy life also suffers from it due to overweight. To eradicate snoring, the sufferer has to understand the core causes of snoring. It is caused due to the vibration resulted by the air passing in and out of the airways. The soft palate situated at the roof of the back of our oral cavity vibrates as the air enters the wind pipe through the mouth and nose. When the air pipe turns thick, the passage gets contracted and resists the entering air, which in turn leads to the vibration and the resulting noise.
Thus, the primary reason of snoring is obesity. The windpipe thickens only when excess fat gets deposited that results in narrowing of the passage. Most of the snoring problems complained about, are related to obesity. Thus, the best possible way of preventing it is to lead a healthy life. A radical change in the lifestyle is demanded to keep snores at bay. Regular exercise, paired with a healthy meal is all it takes to shrug off the fats under the skin and the air ways. As the fatty layer melts, the pipes broaden, permitting easy passage of air to the lungs. Free deliverance of oxygen to the lungs also ensures healthy functioning of the lungs.
Apart from snoring, one should also consider toning their body muscles as the extra fat deposits on the shoulder exert pressure on the airways causing them to buckle and bend constricting the air movements. Other tips to avoid snoring are to quit smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, doping and unnecessary medication. Healthy living is perhaps the best and easiest possible means of resolving snoring problems. Free hand, aerobics or gym, early in the morning with a hygienic balanced meal thrice a day are the key to live healthy.
For chain smokers, it is next to impossible to quit smoking in a day. Do not get frustrated if you fail after successive attempts. Smoking is an addiction, and your body needs a considerable span of time to get attuned to its absence. Hence, slowly reduce the number of fags you smoke in a day. Take the help of nicotine replacement products to resist the urge of smoking. Consult a doctor if you still fall short. People with excess body weight should also try the easy step by step method of losing the fat without hoping for exceptional slimming results over night.

Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight

Ugly blackheads, pimples, blackheads, and became a flight of scars and the skin is a serious problem today and people are trying their best to get rid of acne overnight. Acne usually affects about 89% of adolescents, whether they are girls or boys and spread to more of their surroundings adulthood. It becomes very difficult for people affected to find a match for themselves in most cases, they are deprived of their chances of marriage for a long period of time. It destroys self-confidence and one becomes embarrassing when anyone tried to socialize with people and an object of a clean and clear. Fortunately, acne is a disease that can be cured easily, and if they took proper care and can get rid of acne and one overnight.

Acne can be removed in one night, or at least reduced. Still can not certain types of acne can be removed in one night, but its presence can be hidden or reduced significantly. Below are 5 ways to effectively get rid of acne overnight:

1. Aspirin with lemon juice:
Crush the tablets of aspirin in a bowl and add some lemon juice to it. Now apply this mixture on the affected area. There salicylic acid in aspirin with lemon juice and enhances the healing process.

2. Toothpaste:
Used widely toothpaste (not gel) for the treatment of warts caused by acne. The application of toothpaste on the affected part and cover it with a bandage. Leave it overnight and wash in the morning. The nature of the astringent and surface of toothpaste to reduce pimples and will definitely get rid of acne overnight. If your skin is sensitive and you feel irritation or burning of the skin and then stop treatment immediately.

3. Shaving cream:
Shaving cream is very effective in killing warts. Applied to the warts and leave it overnight. Wash your face in the morning, preferably with a good quality of soap acne.

4. Ice:
Ice is also an effective way to get rid of acne overnight. Ice cube wrapped in a soft cloth or tissue and ice to the affected area for 20-30 seconds several times a day. Temperature of the cold ice cubes makes acne look better by reducing swelling and irritation.

5. Bentonite Clay:
Bentonite Clay is a natural mineral found in powder form. It absorbs impurities and oil balances the skin. Mix two tablespoons of bentonite clay with cold water and make a thick paste of it. Mask and your face now and with it, let it dry and then wash your face.

The above tips worked for many people and helped to get rid of acne overnight. Since everyone has different skin so the nature of the treatment that works positive for one person may not work for you. Therefore, it is always a good idea to test before a small area of skin and then move on with the method that suits you. Accurate and correct application of the above techniques to ensure quick and positive results. So if you want to get rid of acne overnight, then go ahead and try any of the methods mentioned above. Apart from this, and maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking proper sleep, exercise and do and drink plenty of water.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hair Removal Techniques

Everyone felt a part of their body that knows they would love to see gone. If you unwanted hair my face and chin, to relieve chest, back, or any part of the body did not want to mention. This is a way for you to find the right hair removal is important.

1. Fast, low cost, and can be done at home: Shaving. Is not very permanent at all, most people 24 hours, or within a re-growth is less. Irritated skin and razor burn can also leave the tower. Very sensitive areas of the pubic hair grows again will be itchy and scratchy.

2. Waxing: This is a quick and low cost home or salons can be. Waxing redness and can increase the skin, but usually within a few hours will be over. Waxing results that many people will continue for a period of two months at the root of the hair removed. If you want your waxing done by a professional, it's almost more expensive as some other type of permanent hair removal is not.

3. Electrolysis: While not a completely stable in many cases it will continue longer than all methods, and the negative side is that you will need several treatments spread over several months. These methods are also very expensive. Unless you time and money committed to treating all of these methods you should not be considered a one or two treatments will not get the results you want.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Facial For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin to the abundant sebaceous khtsukner your face to be driving you nuts! However, excessive sebaceous khtsukner not really that bad? They are also a blessing disguise because the oils produced by your skin to prevent drought and keeping the skin glowing and young people. Common problems with oily skin pimples, blemishes, open pores, blackheads and pimples. Facial homemade and easy to make, cheap, and the best part of the perfectly natural. Browse through the article to get a few recipes for face to oily skin.

1) mask avocado and honey

Need Ingredients: 2 TBS of avocado
2 TBS honey
1 egg yolk
Mix mashed avocado, honey and eggs together and smooth it all over your face.

2) mask of lemon and flour

Ingredients: 4 TBS. Flour
4 TBS. Normal / natural yoghurt
1 tsp. Lemonade
Mix all ingredients together to make paste and applied. This mask works well, even oily skin.

3) pineapple and papaya


5 teaspoon crushed pineapple
5 teaspoons Crushed papaya
HoneyMix 1 teaspoon to a cup of crushed fruit honey.
Apply to your face and neck gently.Leave half an hour rinse off with warm water.

4) apples and honey

1 × medium apples (any kind of apple will do)

4 tablespoons honey X (slightly improved)

Grater excellent apple in a bowl and add honey improved. Mix well and apply on your face. Leave for 10 minutes and wash.

5) eggs and nuts

1 egg white
6 drops witch hazel
6 drops lemon juice

Whisk egg white until stiff, then add the remaining ingredients. Gently apply the mixture to your face, avoiding your eyes. Left dry for 15 minutes or so. Rinse well with warm water.

Mask 6 tomatoes)

Mash up ripe tomatoes and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Washed with water (not hot), warm.