Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight

Ugly blackheads, pimples, blackheads, and became a flight of scars and the skin is a serious problem today and people are trying their best to get rid of acne overnight. Acne usually affects about 89% of adolescents, whether they are girls or boys and spread to more of their surroundings adulthood. It becomes very difficult for people affected to find a match for themselves in most cases, they are deprived of their chances of marriage for a long period of time. It destroys self-confidence and one becomes embarrassing when anyone tried to socialize with people and an object of a clean and clear. Fortunately, acne is a disease that can be cured easily, and if they took proper care and can get rid of acne and one overnight.

Acne can be removed in one night, or at least reduced. Still can not certain types of acne can be removed in one night, but its presence can be hidden or reduced significantly. Below are 5 ways to effectively get rid of acne overnight:

1. Aspirin with lemon juice:
Crush the tablets of aspirin in a bowl and add some lemon juice to it. Now apply this mixture on the affected area. There salicylic acid in aspirin with lemon juice and enhances the healing process.

2. Toothpaste:
Used widely toothpaste (not gel) for the treatment of warts caused by acne. The application of toothpaste on the affected part and cover it with a bandage. Leave it overnight and wash in the morning. The nature of the astringent and surface of toothpaste to reduce pimples and will definitely get rid of acne overnight. If your skin is sensitive and you feel irritation or burning of the skin and then stop treatment immediately.

3. Shaving cream:
Shaving cream is very effective in killing warts. Applied to the warts and leave it overnight. Wash your face in the morning, preferably with a good quality of soap acne.

4. Ice:
Ice is also an effective way to get rid of acne overnight. Ice cube wrapped in a soft cloth or tissue and ice to the affected area for 20-30 seconds several times a day. Temperature of the cold ice cubes makes acne look better by reducing swelling and irritation.

5. Bentonite Clay:
Bentonite Clay is a natural mineral found in powder form. It absorbs impurities and oil balances the skin. Mix two tablespoons of bentonite clay with cold water and make a thick paste of it. Mask and your face now and with it, let it dry and then wash your face.

The above tips worked for many people and helped to get rid of acne overnight. Since everyone has different skin so the nature of the treatment that works positive for one person may not work for you. Therefore, it is always a good idea to test before a small area of skin and then move on with the method that suits you. Accurate and correct application of the above techniques to ensure quick and positive results. So if you want to get rid of acne overnight, then go ahead and try any of the methods mentioned above. Apart from this, and maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking proper sleep, exercise and do and drink plenty of water.

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